Large Chartreuse T-Rex Dinosaur Planter with Air Plant

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Large Chartreuse T-Rex Dinosaur Planter with Air Plant Included! We ship both the planter and the air plant!*

- Each planter is primed and double or triple coated and sealed.
- Approximately: Length: 9” // Height: 7" // Width: 3.5”
- Air plants will vary, you may not get the same air plant shown in this photo
- A Care Instruction Card is included with every purchase

*Note for International Buyers: We legally cannot ship any living plant outside of the US, but we can ship the planter by itself. No air plant will be included with international shipments.

Plant Care:
Tillandsia’s require no soil and absorb all of their needed nutrients though air, water and sunlight. Indoor tillandsia's should stay healthy with a watering schedule of 1 to 3 times a week. Plants can be watered by running the plant straight under the tap in your kitchen/bathroom sink, be fully submerged in water for 5-10 minutes at a time, or be generously sprayed with a water bottle making sure that the entire plant gets wet. Unlike most plants that need their soil and roots to be watered for nutrient absorption, tillandsia’s absorb their nutrients through their leaves, so wetting the whole plant is necessary. Bright indirect light or filtered sunlight is their preference. In hotter, dryer conditions, more shade and water should be provided.

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