Small Turquoise Spinosaurus Dinosaur Planter Air Plant

Small Turquoise Spinosaurus Dinosaur Planter Air Plant

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Small Turquoise Spinosaurus Dinosaur Planter with Air Plant Included! Perfect for home, work, or even a dorm! These dinosaur planters add tons of personality to any room! Air plants are very low maintenance and are perfect for low light environments such as offices, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Each item is handmade and made to order, therefore there may be slight variations/imperfections due to the handmade nature of the product.

⚡FUN FACT: Spinosaurus, meaning “spine lizard,” was the largest carnivorous dinosaur, even larger than the Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus!

- Approximately: Length: 6” // Height: 3"
- Each planter is primed and double or triple coated and sealed.
- Air plants will vary; you may not get the same air plant shown in this photo
- A Care Instruction Card is included with every purchase
- Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings.

Due to customs regulations we cannot ship plants/soil outside of the US. However, we can ship the planter by itself. No air plant will be included with international shipments. Use coupon code 'NOPLANT2' to get $2 off your order since no plant will be included.

Plants are living and are sensitive to heat and cold. Please have your package delivered to an address that can accept the package immediately. If that's not possible then please don't let your box sit outside for longer than 1 hour after delivery. This includes both succulents and air plants. We take great care to ensure that your plants are alive and healthy when we ship them. Two Trees cannot take responsibility for plants that have wilted or died from sitting outside for too long.

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